The woes of working retail

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Photo copyright of : www.aubergeduquartierquebec.comWorking in retail, I come in to contact with many different types of people over the course of the day. When you see certain types of people regularly you begin to categorize them like I have and can spot them out the second they set foot in the store. So, i’ve compiled a list of some of the more ‘interesting’ customers my colleagues and I have the ‘pleasure’ of working with.

The Groper-

The groper loves to touch. No, not people but clothes. The groper is fairly common and can easily be recognized when they enter the store. They rush for the nearest table and begin feeling over each and every single piece of clothing with no intention whatsoever of buying said item. Heaven forbid if we have something fluffy.

The Bargain hunter –

The bargain hunter is 90 percent of the time asian ( we do like our good deals) and comes in regularly to check what is on sale . If we have sweatpants for clearance, you know they’re about to buy ten pairs and ask you five times if you have more sizes in the back. You also know that if by accident, a pair of sweat pants that cost 29.99 instead of 28.99 slipped into the pile, they will be returning to the store shortly after the purchase, receipt clutched in hand.

The Stubborn shopper-

This stubborn shopper walks in already looking a little forlorn. They can either be found walking in circles or staring at an item like it’s just grown a face . When approaching said person and asking if they would like assistance, you can bet that the answer is ‘no’. The other week, I approached a young lady who looked like she was having trouble with finding jeans in her size. When I asked if I could advise her, she insisted she was fine. She then proceeded to wreck all the neatly folded stacks to take out 5 pairs of the same jeans in the same size. When I kindly pointed this out, she mumbled an ‘ I know’ and went to the fitting room to try on EVERY SINGLE PAIR. Gee, I wonder why none of them fit…?

The Walking fashion show-

The walking fashion show is extremley profitable when they show up to the cash register with full arms but more often than not, they show up to the fitting rooms with half the store, parade around a mirror and after an hour of trying everything on, leave empty handed. Wasted time for both me AND you, bud.

The #rkoi (Rich kid of Instagram) –

The #rkoi is almost always a girl ranging in age from 14 to 18 years old. She struts in with her Michael Kors purse in one hand and the holy grail: her Iphone 6 in the other and her freshly manicured nails glitter as she hands you daddys credit card. Yes child, please let me assist you in spending my months equivalent of rent on some clothes.

The Tornado-

The cherry on the cake :The Tornado, is my least favourite of all people. They enter the store, wreck it and leave it looking like a hurricane just hit. No mercy. Regardless of the fact that you clearly JUST folded that pile of tank tops, they aren’t shy. They’ll go right ahead and annihilate your hard work. Suddenly there’s a trail of jumpers on the floor, a half naked mannequin and somewhere in the corner, a crying coworker.

So go on, own up… which type are you? Let me know in the comment section below!

P.S.  It doesn’t actually matter, i hate you all.

–  A Pearl of the Orient.


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4 thoughts on “The woes of working retail”

  1. I am definitely a mix between “the tornado” and “the walking fashion show”. Sorry for the inconvenience, but i just can´t get enough of groping (not always clothes) 😉


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